Vaccine Adjuvants Market : - Global Market Size, Share, Competition, Industry Trends and Opportunities, Analysis & Forecast to 2029, Regulatory Landscape & Updates 2022

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  • An adjuvant is a substance formulated as part of a vaccine for enhancing its ability to induce protection against infection. Adjuvants are the substances, which are added to vaccines for enhancing the immunogenicity of highly purified antigens having insufficient immunostimulatory capabilities, and have been used, in human vaccines for more than 90 years. And many vaccines also contain an adjuvant or adjuvant combination: these are substances added to vaccines specifically because of their immune-enhancing effects. Adjuvants were initially used to counter the poor immunogenic potential of highly purified antigens. In recent years their role has expanded as our understanding of the immunology of vaccination has grown.

Report Overview

  • The vaccine adjuvants market was valued approximately at $XX.XX million in 2021 and is expected to witness a revenue of $XX.XX million in 2029, with a CAGR of XX% over the forecast period 2022 to 2029.

  • Vaccine adjuvant is an immunological agent that modifies the effect of other agents. It is added to vaccine in order to enhance the immune response and to provide long-lasting protection against antigen. Aluminum hydroxide and paraffin oil are most commonly used adjuvants.


  • For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the import and export activities have been restricted due to the lockdown, it is expected to impact the market studied for a short period of time due to shortage and irregular supply of products. However, this might allow local manufacturers to increase their presence in the market. Supply disruption and product shortages have been observed in several countries due to the temporary lockdowns of manufacturing sites.


  • According to a research article in Nature Reviews Immunology 2020, aluminum-based vaccine adjuvants offers a glide path to induce high levels of neutralizing antibody, which is increasingly recognized as a cornerstone of the protection afforded by COVID-19 vaccines. Additionally, in May 2020, GSK intended to produce 1 billion doses of its pandemic vaccine adjuvant system, in 2021, to support the development of multiple adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine candidates. Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to significantly impact the studied market growth positively.



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